Think Like a Writer

Think, “I am a good writer” and you are.

Think, “I feel good” and you do.

Think, “I choose to be happy”, and you are.

Think, “I choose to think I’m rich,” and you will.

Think, “Things will get better”, and they do.

Think, “It’s a good world” and it is.

Tell your psyche to think the way you want to think.

My favorite writing affirmation,

“The world is a better place because I wrote this morning.”

Remember to always watch your thoughts

Running For Love

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The village dancers were twisting and turning. Rehearsing for tonight’s performance.

A small crowd had gathered to watch their mesmerizing moves.

The whole village was alive with activity. The older women were busy cooking. There were huge gourds by the fire with yams, githeri, sweet potatoes and mchicha. The men were slaughtering goats. Roasting the meat, making sure not to harm the hide, which was used as clothing.

At a distant corner young girls were huddled together, plaiting each other’s hair and breathlessly talking about their love interests. Tonight they would be dancing Mwoboko. And the young men would be there. The girls exchanged shy stares with the young men who were seated under the big muthafiki tree.

All eyes darted curiously at Njamba, the village rebel. He was a tall, athletic young man who broke all rules. The elders tolerated him because he was a good sportsman and a brave warrior. The girls were warned never to have anything to do with him. He was deemed dangerous.

It was against the Kikuyu custom for a girl and a boy to meet in the absence of an older relative. But during such feasts and dances, the girls and the boys would mingle through code languages that only they understood.

“Oh my goodness, how dare Njamba come to this feast?” Mumbi asked Nyakio with disgust. Nyakio and Mumbi had been friends since they were little girls. And they always did everything together.

Tonight’s feast was depressing for Nyakio. Her father had already made a deal to marry her off to Wanjohi, a weak young man, but from a wealthy family. His father had many wives and a lot of cattle.

And he had already started paying dowry for her. Nyakio had never wanted to marry his son. But she could never say no to her father. Besides her family really needed the wealth that trickled from her soon to be husband.

This would be Nyakio’s last feast as a single, carefree girl. And she was scared. Suddenly, she noticed all the girls were staring at her. “Mumbi, why are they staring at me?” she whispered.

“We need to rush home now!” Mumbi spoke sternly.

“My friend, what happened back there?”Nyakio asked Mumbi as they walked home fast