Do You Have Multiple talents?

Do You Have Multiple talents?

I’ve said it to people.  I’ve had people say it me…You’re a waste of talent. It’s the kind of statement that might make you think.  Nobody wants to be a waste. When I think of waste, I think of poor choices, laziness, and ungratefulness.

I’d be OK with not being a waste. But, the paradox is that it’s also a compliment.  It means that you have talent to begin with. Talent that others recognize. But, how do you know if you’re a waste of talent?

Because I don’t believe it’s as black and white as not using a skill or gift. It’s not always a simple case of Good Will Hunting – closet genius mopping the floors of Harvard. Use of our gifts has their time and place, and not using them isn’t necessarily a waste. Think saving, not wasting.

Waste often implies misuse. You leave all the lights on in your house, then you’re wasting, when you should be conserving. Best way to conserve your talent is to use it when you’re getting PAID.

Yup, creatives should get paid. The exception is practicing, learning, working for a cause, and doing it for fun, of course. But, saying yes EVERY time a friend asks for a favor is misuse of a valuable gift, unless you’re married to said friend.

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5 Steps To Becoming A Better Writer

So you want to be a better writer?

It is November once again and you had promised yourself you will take part in this year’s NaNoWrimo…and you have not even drafted your first page of your “novel”.

You feel guilty and yet don’t do anything about it.

You casually hover over your blog and promise yourself to blog everyday if only to make up for missing out on the NaNoWriMo, in any case they say you write for the month and you are already late, you dutifully write on your blog, twice a week and you convince yourself, that’s better than most people.

However, the guilt feeling is not really going away and you really want to become a better writer,yet your drive seems to dwindle by the minute.

Your stats are lower than ever and you wish for things to look up..

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The Zen Of Thinking…Sometimes

Sometimes we feel like we are invisible,

Sometimes we feel like giving up

Sometimes we feel like nobody cares

Sometimes we feel so helpless

Sometimes we feel like giving up

Sometimes we feel stupid

Sometimes we feel low

Sometimes we feel let down

Sometimes we feel like crying

Sometimes we feel like we are drowning in sorrow

Sometimes we are afraid of making mistakes

Sometimes we want to be someone else

Sometimes we wish we were someone else!

And it is at these times that you are so close

To the real you…

By letting go of your emotions,

Watching them

Riding in them

You will find yourself in a world deep within you

then you will understand

why you feel that sometimes!

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If you could where would you study abroad. I choose China

I have always dreamed of studying abroad, I guess after graduating I could go and study somewhere far away from home I really liked the idea and I started checking what are the chances for studying in Asia and finding a job after graduation.

It looks like MBA programs in China or Singapore are affordable and there are jobs too. So I want to share this information with you, who knows maybe we will meet at the Xiamen University?

But to make things clear you should realize the price of MBAs in the USA, we all hear about MBAs with $ 80K per year tuition there are also cheap MBAs with good ranking and the cheapest programs are around $7500. Keep it in mind when reading about the schools in Asia.

The Asia region boasts several recognized and accredited MBA schools. College tuition ranges from $8,500 to $55,000 (2013/14).

Living and studying in Singapore gives you a diversified perception of Southeast Asia.


If you don’t like to study another language, then Singapore is definitely the best option for you. Citizens speak English in every day life, and all of the street signs and anything else are in the English language.

Basically, what appeals to employers typically, is whether you have substantial experience in your field.

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It’s Not Facebook’s Job to Make Your Life Exciting

It’s Not Facebook’s Job to Make Your Life Exciting

I just finished reading this article:  “Why Facebook Is Getting Boring.”

My thoughts: I deleted my Facebook a while back, but it didn’t stay gone for long because I realized that it’s still a useful tool to have. Yes, Facebook is a tool for you to use. It’s not Facebook’s job to excite you.

I think Facebook gets boring when you become too dependent on it for communication and when it starts to become this alternate universe you escape to.

It also gets boring if “liking” something is the most interaction you have on there. Social media is there to enhance our lives, not replace it.

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Did You Know You Were Born Smiling?

Does smiling come natural to you?

Do you just enjoy that beautiful feeling in your gut when you smile?

Research now shows that smiling started in the womb. Before you even screamed your way into this world.

I read this interesting post by TimeThief and she has shared cool facts on the power of smiling. No wonder children smile as much as they do.

A smile is like a master-key. It opens all doors of the heart. And most of all it’s a language that is understood everywhere in the world.

As a child, I lived in a small village, everyone knew each other. And if I met anyone on the road it was only natural to smile at them or just say a simple hi.Moving to the city was a complete culture shock at first.

No one smiled at each other, and saying hi to a random stranger was not a cool thing to do. City people have a way of diluting the good thing.

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What to do if you miss a flight. Trip to Philippines

We missed our flight going to Cebu via Cebu Pacific because our flight was scheduled at 9 pm but we arrived at the airport 30 minutes before the flight (due to unavoidable circumstances). Based on our previous trips, Cebu Pacific usually allowed passengers to check-in 30 minutes before the trip.

So, we were confident enough to make that trip, but we were surprised to know that they already closed the flight and that they let the chance passengers in. Unfortunately, that was the last flight for the day and that the next available flight would be on a Sunday.

We kinda panicked and checked out other airlines to book for the earliest flight the next day because we don’t want to miss the tour as well. So, we called out every domestic airlines we could possibly think of. Also checked out fares and availability through Marc’s laptop via Globe visibility (Thank God he brought the laptop with him).

After an hour of calling and surfing, Marc finally booked us a flight for 8am the next day via Air Philippines. It was twice the price difference from our one way ticket to Cebu, but it didn’t matter anyways for as long as we get to Cebu the next day, money wasn’t a problem. The only catch was, we had to get the tickets 3 hours before the trip.

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Pick Something

If you woke up today at the same time you did yesterday, begin the same routine, eat the same type of foods, do the same kind of work for the same amount of time, watch the same amount of TV, go to bed at the same time.

Or lay in bed thinking the same thoughts, after a day of “wishing things were different”, until you fall asleep to dream the same kind of dreams, then you will get the same results every day.

You might as well be Phil Connors. Everyday might as well be Groundhog Day. It’s amazing how easy it is to dismiss a simple concept like this.

And I’ve dismissed it plenty, lately. I caught myself having one too many Phil Connors days (and weeks), recently. The concept I’m talking about is:  Wanting different results, but doing nothing differently.

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You’ll Find Your Tribe When You Stop Holding Back

I don’t care for the word “tribe” but it’s become such a buzz word. Everyone is on a mission to “find their tribe”. So, it’s worth mentioning. I’m not against the word or the concept. It’s just not me. Which brings up my first point:

  • That feeling you get in your gut when something doesn’t feel right?
  • When you can’t seem to agree with what everyone else is agreeing on?

Listen to that. That’s the first step. Acting on that is the second step. Every time I publish something expressing a viewpoint different from the majority, I feel uneasy. I feel like I just hit send on a brutally honest email or text message and I want to dive into my phone and yank it back.

Why is that?

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Have You Ever Had A Recurring Dream?

Do dreams fascinate you in any way?

…Dreams can be such mysteries.

Have you woken up in the morning and could not even remember what you dreamed, the previous night, yet you have a feeling that the dream was good?

Have you ever woken up from a dream and was so glad to realize that it was just a dream, and gave a very big sigh of relief?

My favorite one is, have you ever woken up after a delicious dream, and just wished with all your heart that you could just go back to sleep, and continue with the dream but you just could not..

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