Making Your Time Worthwhile For Life

Who do you give your most time to?

In the evening when you think back to your day. Where and with whom did you spend most of your time.

Who did you share most of your smiles, talk-time with?

It is estimated that most of us spend time in places we can be replaced in less than 3 days…at work or in money generating ventures. Anywhere away from our loved ones.

Bills have to be paid, and yes money has to be earned. But when this comes at the expense of the best thing in life, then in the end it won’t feel right.

The one place you will never be replaced is in your family. Yet, how much time do you spend with your beloved ones?

As you live your life, give your best time and best of everything to the place and people where you will never be replaced.

I am finding this to be the easiest way to know what is the most worthwhile way to spend time in this life.

If Today Was Your Last Day On Earth?

If today was your last day on earth

would you still hate

would you still fear

would you pray more

would you confess your sins

would you call your loved ones and tell them

“I love you”



Image by GM via Flickr

would you finally have the guts to do what you really want

would you be scared

would you drink yourself silly

would you cry

would you make peace with your enemies

If today was your last day on earth

what would you do

most importantly

what is stopping you now?