Life Happened and My Bucket List

Last year, I was very young. I thought I knew what I wanted for certain and boy was I wrong. Like Melody says in this beautiful article, “…it has to be said that what most people think they want and what they actually want are almost never the same thing.”

It’s time to set my priorities straight. They say that if you make a public confession, you are bound to achieve that which you claim. Now dear readers,

I confess to myself albeit publicly to achieve at least half of this list by the time I clock 26 yrs. If you have a bucket list as well, please share. It will easier to go through it…for all of us.

Here is the bucket list I made last year…

They are 23, because I was born on the 23rd and this year am 23 years old.

  1. Learn how to dive
  2. Visit France
  3. Practice Yoga frequently
  4. Write a novel
  5. Attend a 1-week silent camp
  6. Meditate daily
  7. Find reliable MBA program that will not require GMAT because I know I will never score high on GMAT. Actually, I have found a website that lists MBA programs without GMAT exam, so I might be closer to achieving this goal.

till can’t believe how little I have done.

How wonderful would it be to be a super human?

With no worries, problems, scars just pure bliss every waking hour?

Sadly, it’s impossible to walk through life without facing disappointments, some extreme lows and going through trying moments.

Along the way, you get scarred. Just like James.

When I look at my knees, I see scars that remind me of those carefree childhood days. I fell off bicycles, scraped my knees when playing.

Scars on my legs I got from climbing trees and going under the fence. Scars I got when cooking cutting my fingers (not off, fortunately). All my physical scars healed and what remains is that lingering memory.

There are scars that you can see and there are those that live in our minds. They take root of our bodies and sometimes our lives. I have made very big mistakes in my life that sometimes make me cringe.

Every time the thought of them passes my mind. It’s really hard making peace with the scars and letting them heal themselves. Constant meaningless mind escape opens up past wounds that may never heal.

Like Mary Angelou gracefully said, “I did then what I knew how to do.
Now that I know better, I do better.” This is one of my favorite quotes that helps me make peace with my past.

I still wince at my mistakes. I have scars that will always be gentle reminders of the downs in my life. I know there are many more mistakes I have to make in life. And that is just fine.

It’s all part of the life on this plane. A life full of scars is like a favorite well-worn clothing, a dog-eared tattered favorite book. In it, holds the history of listening to the gut feeling and the experience of being true to life itself. A journey of self-discovery and growth.

Take pride in your scars, they that show you have lived and learned from life…

What a good way to celebrate the failures that you must meet in this wonderful path called life! Show off your scars, they tell a wonderful story of the dark moments you have successfully passed through. That’s a story better than any superhuman can tell.

Do you have any scars that you are most proud of?

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