Letter to yourself

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Even, wrote a letter to yourself?

I got this idea from a new friend Noch Noch, she is an amazing writer. She wrote her to 16-year-old self a letter as a way of letting go of the past. And it struck me as a great way of dealing with my past too.

Looking Back… My memory does not qualify as excellent, I rarely remember anything after I have written it down. So, In order to understand the issues I was dealing with as a 16-year-old. I went back to my very first journal.

Going through my journal has been such a great experience. I have laughed so hard, am crying now. Seriously, what used to worry me 8 years ago, has never crossed my mind, not even once.

It will be an interesting opportunity to write to my younger self, and tell her never to take life seriously. In a perfect world, my future 30-year-old, would write me a letter and tell me, “everything is going to work out”. Wouldn’t that be great?

At 16 years old, I thought I knew everything, as does every other 16-year-old. I never understood adults and it was during this time that I slowly stopped going to church. I was in an all girls Catholic boarding School, and we went to church daily. It was too much for me…

Now it’s time to put some of these things to rest.   


Always listen to your heart. Promise me….

Do everything it nudges you to do, as long as its right just do it. Continue reading your novels under the desk during Chemistry class.


Don’t feel guilty, chemistry is not for you dear. (I can’t remember anything I learnt in Chemistry). Mix up your reading with the Chicken Soup books though. Those stories will inspire you.Remember, listen to your heart and read anything when you can.


I know this might come as a shocker but you are not adopted. In fact your parents love you very much. It’s a phase you are going through, I promise you. It will come to an end. You will come to understand them more than you know.


Of all your high school friends, you will only stay good friends with 7 of them. Weird, I know. But they will be your girls forever. Just a hint, (your room mates and deskies). Noise making in class will come in handy, just don’t get caught. And take your French classes seriously.


Visit grandpa more often, I know you think he is immortal. He won’t be around for as long as you want… I am sorry. Treasure him now and call him often. In fact, no one lives forever. Stop reading too much of those vampire stories, they can be misleading.


Write daily in your journal, it’s an excellent habit. Never take life too seriously. Before I forget, harness the courage to laugh at yourself. It will save you many headaches.


Remember, you already know what you want and need. Always look within and listen. Trust me you will  find what you are looking for.

With Much Love,

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