Learning something new. Everyday. It’s My legacy

When someone tells me to “live every day like it’s my last day”,
I tend to think about ME.

I think… What could I do to make myself happy? Right now. In this moment. But, is my last day really about me? Think about it from an outside perspective. Let’s say you’ve been given one week to live. I think I would focus on education.

I know it sounds strange but …listen, if I could learn more I would pass on my knowledge to other people. I know so many people who quit high school that are now in their 30-ies but they’re afraid of going back to school. But there are so many wonderful programs for them to attend.

Opportunity knocks but once. You must have heard of this proverb. It’s absolutely true. In this phase of globalization, many people think that there are several chances that have opened up in the market, which they can select from in order to advance their career in the desirable field.

But it’s not so. Opportunities never move towards you, but you need to proceed. In recent times, you are provided with numerous techniques utilizing which can offer you, what you actually want to get. However, it is completely up to you whether you take advantage of the chances that new technologies have offered by introducing the concept of distance learning.

The market, nowadays, has become really flexible, which is open for all who desire to hold a prestigious corporate position. To help career-oriented individuals achieve their goals, various distance learning courses have been initiated.

Due to the requirement of regular attendance, several talented learners had to face disappointment as they could not attend the lectures because of lack of time. The introduction of distance learning process proved to be a hope in despair for the students who are filled with talent to the brim.

A wide range of distance learning courses is available to help students choose a desirable field to specialize in and thereby enhances their career scope to the maximum extent. The fields of study that have gained momentum these days are as follows:

  • Management – Finance management, HR management, IT management, Marketing management, Project management, Retail managemeManagement insurance management, etc.
  • Creative courses – Creative writing, Interior Designing, Artistic design, Journalism, Child & Special education, Linguistics, etc.
  • Technical – IT, Construction technology, Diesel technology, Energy Systems technology, Surgical technology, Welding technology, Electrical technology, Engineering technology, Automotive technology and many more.

Based on the above-mentioned categories of distance learning courses, you need to choose your basic area of interest and then specialize on the same for better future prospects.

When your friends and family will know what to think about you.

“What will I remember most about him?” they may ask.

See, when you look at your last day on earth from an outside perspective – from the perspective of those who know you, are close to you, and who love you, then you realize very quickly that your last day on earth has little to do with what “makes you happy” and everything to do with what you’re leaving behind to those who will remember you.

The memories, the life lessons, the love and support you gave another person.

It’s not always about doing what makes you happy.

It’s not always about joy and pleasure.

It’s about what could I do right now that would create a lasting memory, not only for me, but for another person.

Yeah, sometimes that involves doing something you love.

For example, it could involve creating great art, knowing that it will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Sometimes it involves good times and lots of laughs.

But, other times, it involves sacrifice, taking the time to listen, support, and encourage.

Sometimes it involves not doing what you planned or wanted, but knowing that another person is better off because of it.

I’ve read one too many “seize the day – live every day like your last” type articles that focus on self-gratification.

Unfortunately, if today really was your last day, and you knew that it was, you would probably be thinking more about your loved ones, and less about you.

And you might want to know that you’re leaving them behind something meaningful and worth remembering.

That kinda gives “carpe diem” a different meaning, doesn’t it?

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