High school sucks?

I always felt like I was living a double life. The school part and the extra-curricular part. At that time we had almost 8 compulsory subjects to learn. That would be examined after the four years of high-school.

More than half of these subjects were science oriented or some other technical stuff. We had no choice but to follow the system. It was horrific for me.

Chemistry and Mathematics were my worst subjects. What’s with all those numbers? Even now, I shudder when I remember those days in the chemistry lab. I swear my teacher was speaking Greek. To kill the boredom. I always carried a novel that I read under the desk.

Luckily, since I knew my weakness, I capitalized on my strengths..literature and humanities. Happy to report that my efforts averaged the unmentionable grades I got in the sciences and mathematics. Passing exams was kind of compulsory.

Looking back, the thing I love to remember are the lovely friends I made who are still in my life now. The trouble we got in because of breaking those many rules. The way we jumped at every opportunity to get out of school (it was a boarding school). Whether, during sports tournaments, drama festivals, science fairs, any outing was welcomed.

Luckily, the group in high-school now have the choice on their subjects. It is a welcome change. The 8-4-4 system was not very kind to me. But I did make beautiful memories.

If given a chance, NO! I would not do it all over again. I am not even sure how I survived those science classes. Someone up in the sky must have looked up for me. I am glad they did! Otherwise I would drop out from the high school like my best friend did.

It’s sucks when you don’t have a high school diploma, it really does. Now she found this website where she can take online classes for GED. If she pass the GED test she will have a certificate that will allow her to attend the college.

Chances are that she will be fine. I really hope so. I have a video from this website and it actually looks like fun.

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