Having a plan. Raghava KK: What’s your 200-year plan?

How do you live in the now and yet plan for the future? What happens when unexpected road blocks come your way?

These are questions that have run through my mind for a while now. To say that, I have been greatly humbled with the turn of events in my life these past few weeks is an understatement.

For you who are regular readers here, you may have noticed my irregular posting schedule recently. Honestly, I have found myself asking , “where does time go?”

There seems to be so much to do and yet such little time. It’s somewhat frustrating because I do know better if you know what I mean.

Anyway, reflecting on the current situation I find myself in. I noticed that I was walking into the future, instead of staying in the now and waiting for the future to walk to me.

What does this mean?

You may already know, that what you call yesterday is actually ‘today that’s past’. And Tomorrow is ‘today that’s coming’. Everything you will ever experience in this life happens today…now.

Hence, instead of walking into a future that is uncertain. You can stay in the now and make it the future you want. Remembering, everything happens now.

I was pleasantly delighted when I came across a Ted Talk by Raghava KK who gives a guide on making today’s choices and tomorrows goal. He is making a 200 year-plan with his wife, and his view on “today” is just refreshing. Hope you enjoy it.