Celebrate the human body..don’t hide it !

When I visited the British Virgin Islands not too long ago I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who chose to sun themselves au natural and go skinny dipping.

It seems that Europeans are not as uptight when it comes to sex and nudity as we are but then again you’re more likely to see a naked person on European TV and less likely to see a lot of violence like people getting shot or blown up.

Today far too many people feel that they should have a “model” body like those on the front cover of Men’s Health or Health magazine but the reality is that most of us don’t have the time to try and “obtain” perfect bodies. Dove found this out and uses everyday people for their ads to much acclaim.

Why are we so uptight when it comes to nudity and sex? There are a lot of reasons but frankly, it makes no sense. Some probably feel that seeing a naked woman is going to encourage promiscuity but we know now that is not true.

The hypocrisy is that a lot of people who come out against showing our bodies are the same people who often have secrets to hide and are uptight about making love.

Remember When Bill Clinton was being roasted by the Republicans and calls for impeachment were growing louder most of the people in Europe could not believe what they were hearing. ”Because he had sex ?” Actually no, because he lied but then that is between him and his wife and is none of our business.

There is nothing wrong with sunbathing au natural or walking around naked if you chose to do so. I would much rather see that than someone with a rifle and an NRA sticker on their car.