Are You Trying To Be Traditional With Your Creativity?

When people are adamant that they’re not creative (which is a fallacy, everyone on the planet is creative), they think you have some kind of secret.
Or are weird. Or went through something wretched in life, so can only channel such pains through canvas. Or that you’re a nut.

I get this a lot, “How do you come up with this stuff?!” from people who insist they can’t create anything. While insinuating I’m an oddball. Even though they’re pouring through genealogy projects and tweaking photos and compiling into an archived presentation. Despite decorating their homes from scratch without knowledge of interior design.

Regardless of the fact that they can create a bookshelf by grabbing some lumber. I come up with taglines easily. Blurbs. Copy on the fly. I don’t need much time to put something together and rearrange the words and rhythm until it clicks. I do it by jotting down the first few things that come to my head and matching the unlike.

Take a sweet, messy, innocent, clumsy baby. What is the most unlike situation you can find? A bar.

But a baby in an adult bar is just weird. (And something hipster parents love to do in Brooklyn, NY). So scale down said bar and have puppets and miniature bottles. It’s also well done with meticulous detail. With well over 3 million hits (to date).

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Why the school system is dangerous

All parents want to educate their kids in the best possible way. We want to nurture body, spirit, and mind of our kids. When our kids are very little we might just leave them at home, but once they are 6 or 7 and about to learn to read and write, it´s mandatory in most countries that we send them to school.

At school, they are going to receive some type of education. If you remember your days in school, there will be a lot of things that you don´t like to remember that happened there (I even had a nightmare a few nights ago about being trapped in high school for not passing in my Chemistry exams –  if I hadn’t cheated on that subject for the last 3 years of school, I would never have passed).

Things like having to stay in class during boring lessons, classes that back then seemed useless and now are proved to be completely useless. Maybe some sort of bullying but especially the bad curriculum that was teaching you what to think and not exactly how to think. Here I mean the typical traditional school, ok? I know there are marvelous ones, I´ll get there, just hang on with me a little longer.

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Celebrate the human body..don’t hide it !

When I visited the British Virgin Islands not too long ago I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who chose to sun themselves au natural and go skinny dipping.

It seems that Europeans are not as uptight when it comes to sex and nudity as we are but then again you’re more likely to see a naked person on European TV and less likely to see a lot of violence like people getting shot or blown up.

Today far too many people feel that they should have a “model” body like those on the front cover of Men’s Health or Health magazine but the reality is that most of us don’t have the time to try and “obtain” perfect bodies. Dove found this out and uses everyday people for their ads to much acclaim.

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Life Happened and My Bucket List

Last year, I was very young. I thought I knew what I wanted for certain and boy was I wrong. Like Melody says in this beautiful article, “…it has to be said that what most people think they want and what they actually want are almost never the same thing.”

It’s time to set my priorities straight. They say that if you make a public confession, you are bound to achieve that which you claim. Now dear readers,

I confess to myself albeit publicly to achieve at least half of this list by the time I clock 26 yrs. If you have a bucket list as well, please share. It will easier to go through it…for all of us.

Here is the bucket list I made last year…

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Are You Good in Catching Chances?

Do you remember I told you some time ago about my friend who dropped out of high school? She tried to get back on track and I tried to help her but I didn’t always handle it so well.

And yet, here I am, assuming the role of advice-giver on the subject. Because I’ve learned how to deal with it. The best she probably could have done was just taking a couple of CLEP tests or maybe take the GED exam to help her get into college.

But, the point of discussion here isn’t going to be how do you do deal with failure?” The question is should you deal with it at all?”

Why not use avoidance as a strategy? It’s an idea that some swear by, so let’s discuss it.

Some people suggest that you shouldn’t think about your failure— considering it a waste of energy — energy that’s better invested in creating promising future. And you should avoid people who remind you about it.

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Learning something new. Everyday. It’s My legacy

When someone tells me to “live every day like it’s my last day”,
I tend to think about ME.

I think… What could I do to make myself happy? Right now. In this moment. But, is my last day really about me? Think about it from an outside perspective. Let’s say you’ve been given one week to live. I think I would focus on education.

I know it sounds strange but …listen, if I could learn more I would pass on my knowledge to other people. I know so many people who quit high school that are now in their 30-ies but they’re afraid of going back to school. But there are so many wonderful programs for them to attend.

Opportunity knocks but once. You must have heard of this proverb. It’s absolutely true. In this phase of globalization, many people think that there are several chances that have opened up in the market, which they can select from in order to advance their career in the desirable field.

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Having a plan. Raghava KK: What’s your 200-year plan?

How do you live in the now and yet plan for the future? What happens when unexpected road blocks come your way?

These are questions that have run through my mind for a while now. To say that, I have been greatly humbled with the turn of events in my life these past few weeks is an understatement.

For you who are regular readers here, you may have noticed my irregular posting schedule recently. Honestly, I have found myself asking , “where does time go?”

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What to do with your fear

Do you remember the first time you did something new?


There is always something utterly fascinating with doing something for the first time. The anticipation keeps the heart beating a bit faster.

The imagination runs wild creating scenarios of what will/ should happen. Often times, what you had imagined does not always play out as you thought.

I remember vividly many times I did something for the first time. I didn’t know I was short-sighted until, I was about 15-years-old. The first time, I wore spectacles I thought I was literally walking on air.

It was so awkward really, everything seemed so clear and high. I had to take a couple of minutes to get my footing right. It felt like I was visiting earth for the first time.

These past few days, I am having a field day pouring through my journal and reliving my first times in life.

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Letter to yourself

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Even, wrote a letter to yourself?

I got this idea from a new friend Noch Noch, she is an amazing writer. She wrote her to 16-year-old self a letter as a way of letting go of the past. And it struck me as a great way of dealing with my past too.

Looking Back… My memory does not qualify as excellent, I rarely remember anything after I have written it down. So, In order to understand the issues I was dealing with as a 16-year-old. I went back to my very first journal.

Going through my journal has been such a great experience. I have laughed so hard, am crying now. Seriously, what used to worry me 8 years ago, has never crossed my mind, not even once.

It will be an interesting opportunity to write to my younger self, and tell her never to take life seriously. In a perfect world, my future 30-year-old, would write me a letter and tell me, “everything is going to work out”. Wouldn’t that be great?

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A 30 Day Challenge

Life happens.

The best laid plans don’t always go as planned.

That’s the way life goes and it only wise to go with the flow.

It’s been forever since I posted often here, and I miss it so much. When I write the world fades away and all that remains is…well, an enchanted world all creative souls resonate to.

I have been greatly inspired by the amazing Matt Cutts who did an inspiring Ted Talk a long while back. Ever since I heard of the 30 day challenge I was intrigued.

The challenge is exactly that a challenge.

And when I participated in Tom Baker ‘s 30 days of blogging honesty. I learnt so much about myself, met such cool people and generally had a lot of fun. I did it and  I yearn to do it again now.

However, this time I will do it alone. Something like the Eat,Pray, Love journey popularized by Elizabeth Gilbert. A soul pilgrim. A challenge of the heart and mind.

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