Are You Good in Catching Chances?

Do you remember I told you some time ago about my friend who dropped out of high school? She tried to get back on track and I tried to help her but I didn’t always handle it so well.

And yet, here I am, assuming the role of advice-giver on the subject. Because I’ve learned how to deal with it. The best she probably could have done was just taking a couple of CLEP tests or maybe take the GED exam to help her get into college.

But, the point of discussion here isn’t going to be how do you do deal with failure?” The question is should you deal with it at all?”

Why not use avoidance as a strategy? It’s an idea that some swear by, so let’s discuss it.

Some people suggest that you shouldn’t think about your failure— considering it a waste of energy — energy that’s better invested in creating promising future. And you should avoid people who remind you about it.

But, does this imply that the only people worth your time are ones who never question you, challenge you, or share a personal perspective with you? Should your appreciation for friends be conditional to the sound of their agreeable and un-opinionated voices?

What it has to do with my friend who tried to get her GED? Plenty! A few weeks ago, I told her that I respectfully disagreed with her approach of avoiding getting back to school, there are so many opportunities that it’s just a pity to not catch a chance.

For example, I have discovered a GED scholarship for her, so she just needs to write an essay and apply. I sent her Facebook message and she responded with “You don’t have to help me, I know what is the best for me: D ← I, especially, like the big smile at the end. Very cute, in a passive-aggressive sort of way.

It brings up an important point: I think, our friends are allowed to critique us occasionally, and STILL remain your friends. No need to break up just yet. I know we all need our share of cheerleaders rooting us on for the encouragement to keep creating.  But, I can’t advocate positivism and also say avoid anyone who challenges you.

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