A 30 Day Challenge

Life happens.

The best laid plans don’t always go as planned.

That’s the way life goes and it only wise to go with the flow.

It’s been forever since I posted often here, and I miss it so much. When I write the world fades away and all that remains is…well, an enchanted world all creative souls resonate to.

I have been greatly inspired by the amazing Matt Cutts who did an inspiring Ted Talk a long while back. Ever since I heard of the 30 day challenge I was intrigued.

The challenge is exactly that a challenge.

And when I participated in Tom Baker ‘s 30 days of blogging honesty. I learnt so much about myself, met such cool people and generally had a lot of fun. I did it and  I yearn to do it again now.

However, this time I will do it alone. Something like the Eat,Pray, Love journey popularized by Elizabeth Gilbert. A soul pilgrim. A challenge of the heart and mind.

We are in October and am an October baby this greatly inspires my adventurous spirit. I have wondered what is the best challenge to do and have come up with the following ideas:

  • Random acts of kindness month
  • Smiling Month
  • Novel Writing month
  • Photography month
  • Learn a new language month
  • Cooking month
  • Search for inspiring Kenyan love stories
  • No TV month
  • Learn new words month
  • Blog post everyday this month
  • Learn to play a musical instrument month

I am still weighing which challenge will be good for me and for October. I want to start this tomorrow.

Excitement is in the air and am so happy to see how this month spans out.

Be ready to see me often in your mail box

Have you participated in a 30 day challenge? How did you like it?

A 30 Day Challenge| Poem

Do you love challenges?

If you are like me, you definitely do. Well, I decided to challenge myself for this month in my heart and in my mind.

It was hard to choose what I would consistently do for a whole month from the ideas I came up with yesterday. All the same, I have decided to blog post every day and do random acts of kindness as often as possible.

Knowing myself, I felt it better to combine the two challenges. It’s a clever way to cheat and do the challenge in the same breath.

That means I will be sharing various writings and if that day I did a random kind of kindness. I will share that as well. Sounds good, eh? Here goes…

The One
I see you,

My heart beats faster,

My breath fails me,

My body wills for you to stand close to me,

Are you the one?


I see you,

Words get stuck in my throat,

Walking becomes alien,

Eyes down cast shyly,

Are you the one?


I see you,

And smile to myself,

And long to be in your embrace,

To hear your name and mine in the same breath

Are you the one?


I see you,

I see me,

I see my dreams come true,

I see my happiness wrapped in gold,

I see all that I ever wanted,

Are you one?


I see you.

And I know you are the one.


I see through you…

Random of Kindness

Well, today I gave a listening ear to a colleague at work who was really low. Tried hard not to cry though. I can’t really say this was so random as it’s something I usually do. Already thanking the high heavens I decided to combine the challenge. Phew