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As you already know it’s never too late to do anything in this world.

I promised myself yesterday to call friends that I have not been returning calls to. As a way of making up for my bad habits. I will treat one of my friends’ Rose for a movie at Planet Media.

It’s a new local cinema at the amazing Westgate Mall. I am hoping she will forgive me, as regrettably this will not be the last time the missed call event will happen. Some habits are really hard to let go.

I also need to come up with other ways of being there for my friends. Giving one of the most precious things to me, time. This is definitely not a random act of kindness. However, I am on high alert for an opportunity to be there for an unsuspecting stranger.

This weekend be true and good to your friends, spend more time with them. Let’s do this together

A 30 Day Challenge| Bad Habits

Do you always read and reply to all your emails?

Do you always return all your missed calls and texts?

I would admit  that am still doing badly on both. Especially the missed calls, even after doing this public apology.

It is with this in mind that I have decided to contact all my friends that I have not returned their calls and texts.

I will call each one of them today and tell I have missed them. And apologize for my bad communication habits.

Honestly, am not sure if this is a random act of kindness. However, some calls are so overdue that my guilt is getting to me. I will share this post with them too as a truce.

Just realized that through this month I can tackle at least one or two of my bad habits. Off to make the calls, this is going to be a tough one.

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