4 Warning Signs That You Are Blindsiding Yourself!

Was there a time in your life when everything was going on perfectly? When your life was simply smooth sailing!

Your career was going on fine, and you even had money to burn! Your body was looking amazing, and you dressed it so beautifully!

Your relationships were going on ooh so well, and you kept the company of your loved ones often!

You were so happy and the glass was always half full!  Life was a pleasure you drank so thirstily each waking hour with a huge smile…

Nothing happens overnight

Then just out of nowhere…disaster struck, and your life was turned upside down, you never saw it coming and suddenly your life started to crumble right in front of your eyes!

The most interesting thing is that we all hate to hear that “nothing happens overnight”, “Rome was not built in a day” and blah blah.

Granted, it takes time for anything good to come and it sure takes time for disaster to find and attack you.

Then you wonder if it takes so much time, why do we allow ourselves to be blindsided and worst of all we do it to ourselves time and time again?

We have all been there, and it sucks. I come from a town with the best food in the country, and I gladly indulged myself in the mouth watering delicacies, our food takes no prisoners!

Anyway I have since cut down on mahamris they are in the doughnut family, used to have them almost everyday for breakfast, when I almost popped a button from my favorite blouse I knew something had to give, those mahamris really blindsided me, I never saw it coming, or so I try to convince myself.

Believe it or not, you have a power to ignore things that you do not find favorably, just think about it. I will give you some warning signs to see if you are blindsiding yourself.

1. Afraid to  start all over again

Change is good, I know you might agree on that, but it also so hard to accept and even implement it. I would think that the reason people are afraid to move from jobs they hate, is because they are afraid to start all over again.

There is so much uncertainty out there, and you decide to stick somewhere you are not happy, you decide to settle and blindside yourself, sooner or later what you are afraid of will catch up with you, and it is best to take a chance now, don’t ignore signs out there nudging you like; “your salary has been slashed, the company has started downsizing”. Think twice when you find yourself afraid of starting anything all over again.

2. Too lazy to even walk

What did you do when you noticed your favorite dress could not fit you anymore? Did you run to the gym? Did you go to your fridge to through away your junk foods? or did you curl yourself in a chair, and swore to yourself that you would exercise more and start eating healthy!In short, you did nothing!

I have to say the gym is a boring place and its sad we have to exercise, good news is that there are numerous fun ways of exercising out there, my favorite is taking walks and doing yoga! When you find yourself too lazy to even walk, for your own health, PANIC!

3. Become too absorbed in yourself

I am  a firm believer of that fact that you can’t give something you do not have. That’s why it is important to love yourself first before you can be able to love others. But when you take it too far, then things will go bad for you.

Do not become too absorbed in yourself, people need you! When you find yourself  going for days without talking to your loved ones, know you are about to blindside yourself,no man is an island!

4. Looking for solace in the wrong place

Granted life has it’s ups and downs but this does not give you a green light to look for solace in the wrong places. When you find yourself soothing your aching soul with ice cream, too much TV, beer, cigarettes, or even too much soda, then you need to re-evaluate yourself, all I can say when you look within yourself you will find something beautiful and amazing!! The answer always lies within you!

Are you blindsiding yourself in anyway? Nobody is perfect! However, it does help to know where to start!

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