We live in a world where you have to work to call anything yours. You can’t be that person looking for handouts, or you will never get anywhere in life. No one wants to give you anything, but instead you have to make things happen for yourself. You can sit back and wait all you want, but you will be wasting valuable time.

There are some flashing lights you should look out for on your journey.

Lack of Motivation

Without your motivation you will be crippled no matter how strong you are. Your motivation is the butter to your bread. It’s the sugar to your tee. You need motivation, but many times it’s never there when you feel you need it through everyday hustling. At least that’s the way I used to feel about my motivation.…

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Thoughts have been swirling around my head but I haven’t been able to get them down without sounding like a total fucktard. I’ve been worrying about everything under the sun, which I’m a real pro at, but it’s been significantly heightened as of late. The sky has been grey and dreary; it’s been cold and rainy for god knows how long and, as everyone knows, the news and the headlines that have been splashed around this week have been really shitty. And scary.…

Do you remember I told you some time ago about my friend who dropped out of high school. She tried to get back on track and I try to help her but I didn’t always handle it so well. And yet, here I am, assuming the role of advice-giver on the subject. Because, I’ve learned how to deal with it.

But, the point of discussion here isn’t going to be how do you do deal with failure?”  The question is should you deal with it at all?” Why not use avoidance as a strategy? It’s an idea that some swear by, so let’s discuss it. My friend and i found this new website that provides free online GED preparation and there’s so much to learn! If she admit that dropping out of high school was a failure she can start learning and the GED test can be seen as a stepping s career to a new career.

But if she avoid thinking about this “failure” as  some people suggest  considering it a waste of energy — energy, she will be not investing in creating promising future. The same group of  people suggest avoiding friends who remind you about the “failure” …

I don’t care for the word “tribe” but it’s become such a buzz word. Everyone is on a mission to “find their tribe”. So, it’s worth mentioning. I’m not against the word or the concept. It’s just not me.Which brings up my first point:

  • That feeling you get in your gut when something doesn’t feel right?
  • When you can’t seem to agree with what everyone else is agreeing on?

Listen to that. That’s the first step. Acting on that is the second step. Every time I publish something expressing a viewpoint different from the majority, I feel uneasy. I feel like I just hit send on a brutally honest email or text message and I want to dive into my phone and yank it back.

Why is that?…

One of the joys of self-employment is that when you first feel the niggle of a winter malady coming on, you can launch a pre-emptive strike to ward it off, employing tactics that would be completely inappropriate for a public workplace or a school. Yesterday I started feeling a bit more grumpy than usual, my nose started running, and I wasn’t happy with the way the back of my throat was feeling.

It’s vital that I stay healthy, because I’m off to a wedding in a week that will involve a plane trip and a holiday. Last time I flew with a cold I was almost in tears from the pain on descent, and nobody wants to be the person coughing all through the ceremony.

Need to stay warm? Ditch the nice clothes, and stay in your pajamas, or better still, a onesie. Feel like you need a nap? Get a hot water bottle, and snuggle up in bed for an hour. And you can eat foods that have huge benefits for keeping your immune system humming, but which should never enter a public area. I’m talking, of course, about raw garlic.…

My camera is acting really weird. I have a serious beef canon Canon PowerShot; they used to make good cameras, but they seem to have lost their touch. Both my digital Canons have been gifts and the first one broke in a very stupid way which required me to tape the battery door shut, while the second one’s automatic lens cover went on the fritz after my daughter touched the lens and I cleaned it. (Hint: Never apply lens cleaner straight to the lens of a digicam with an automatic lens cover. @#$%ing modern electronics…) Things went downhill from there. First the motor in the zoom lens started acting up, and now the beast is draining batteries well before their time–and it isn’t the preview screen either, I’ve always used that in exactly the same way and I’ve been using my camera lately less than usual.

Yesterday evening I talk to my friend who blogs as DinnoMomma and she mentioned that she found her old Livejournal (do people still use that?!). OK, so I tried to find mine too. And I had my password sent to me because it’s been that long since I used it but once I was in I spent most of the time reading through my fingers. Not because I have some kind of strange behavioral disorder, but because it was beyond embarrassing. Would you like to take a sneak peak into the mind of my 14 year old self? Here goes…

“I can’t get him out of my head, its like I’m in love but I can’t be because I’ve known him for less than a week!”
“I’m in love and its driving me mad.”
“Guess who I am sat next to in Psychology?! OMG, PETER!”

What on earth? In love? At 14? Wow, I was easy. But I was completely head-over-heels about this guy and he wasn’t having any of it. Bearing in mind I was a bit chunkier than I am now, and I had yet to master the art of eyebrow tweezing, I wasn’t the best catch ever. I just remember seeing him on that first day at school and experiencing butterflies in my stomach like no other. I was completely besotted but it got to the point where, now, it would’ve been seen as a criminal offence. I was mad, and showed some very impressive stalker behaviour – not good. I actually saw …

Spy on your boss? Why would anyone want to do that? I’ll admit the title sounds rather sinister.

In a perfect world, showing up on time and excelling at your job would be enough to grant you job security. However, there are times when circumstances beyond your control give you reason to fear for your job.

A great example of this is when a new boss is hired to manage a department. While some managers/directors are happy to draw upon the existing human capital in a company, others prefer to restaff.

I was presented with a situation like this some time ago. A new director had been hired to manage a small, 4-person team that I was a member of. Despite each team member’s efforts to welcome and accommodate the new director, he chose instead to actively make enemies whenever and wherever possible.

Why would a director do that? Well, rather than try to win over a small team that had been working together for years, his plan was quite obviously to get rid of the team one at a time and hire a new staff that would be loyal to him. Failing that, he could simply outsource as many jobs as possible and convince his boss that he was saving the company money.…

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Even, wrote a letter to yourself ?

I got this idea from a new friend Noch Noch, she is an amazing writer. She wrote her to 16-year-old self a letter as a way of letting go of the past. And it struck me as a great way of dealing with my past too.

Looking Back… My memory does not qualify as excellent, I rarely remember anything after I have written it down. So, In order to understand the issues I was dealing with as a 16-year-old. I went back to my very first journal.


Going through my journal has been such a great experience. I have laughed so hard, am crying now. Seriously, what used to worry me 8 years ago, has never crossed my mind, not even once.

It will be an interesting opportunity to write to my younger self, and tell her never to take life seriously. In a perfect world, my future 30-year-old, would write me a letter and tell me, “everything is going to work out”. Wouldn’t that be great?

At 16 years old, I thought I knew everything, as does every other 16-year-old. I never understood adults and it was during this time that I slowly stopped going to church. I was in an all girls Catholic boarding School, and we went to church daily. It was too much for me…

Now it’s time to put some of these things to rest.   


Always listen to your heart. Promise me….

Do everything it

Have you set out on a journey without knowing the destination?

Have you ever written without knowing how the story would end?

Taking a leap of faith and hoping that everything will be fine.

If you are like me, you have been there.


Like I have said before, this month started with a challenge. And it has proved to be an interesting journey.

I have found myself embarking on a rather enlightening activity: meditation. There are so many lessons that am learning in the meditation course. Which I will be sharing with you.

The universe played me, because I feel as if I just entered myself on a 30 day Meditation challenge. It’s not easy, though it’s easy.